Hey neighbors, hear me roar!
  • 29.01.2023
  • 3770

Supper was 47 seconds late, I can’t see my friends...what the heck is the hooman society??

English Bulldog Puppy Enjoys Belly Rub | Bane
  • 28.01.2023
  • 1822

This is just ridiculously cute!!! I giggled all the way thru it! Was DYING to see your sweet baby's face!!! Thx for the little bonus peek at your punkin's adorable face there at the ending!!! Just a doll!!

Funny English Bulldog playing with babies | Dog loves Baby Compilation
  • 26.01.2023
  • 14872

i always wonder why people are killing their dogs and cats "kindly" by letting them become obese, unable to exercise or even play like they are supposed to. They live a shorter life when the become obese and it is extremely unhealthy. Please stop thinking it is kind to feed them all they want all day if you love them. It's inhumane.

50 Pound Bulldog Meets Baby For The First Time
  • 24.01.2023
  • 1691

It's time for Miss B, the 50 pound English Bulldog to meet our newborn baby girl. We've been waiting a long time to see how she reacts to our new baby girl because the entire time Steph was pregnant, she couldn't get enough of her. Miss B has been known to be pretty rough, even when she is trying to be sweet– she doesn't know her own strength when it comes to playing nicely. Bulldogs are known to be family dogs because of their instincts to be over protective and on guard. Watch to see what happens when this bulldog meets the new baby in the family.

Dog takes the stair lift
  • 21.01.2023
  • 2227

My dog couldn't go up the stairs anymore and I found your video. I copied the design and build 2 because of the landing (1/2 way up the stairs) and 90 degree turn. My dog is so happy and so is my back after carrying her up everyday for 6 months.

Little boy and our English Bulldog Puppy
  • 17.01.2023
  • 10420

Oh my goodness!!! ? so gentle and I love how he’s trying to speak the same language as the puppy!

Bulldogs Are Awesome: Compilation
  • 16.01.2023
  • 5592

In this bulldog compilation, check out some of our favorite Petsami Bulldogs. We hope you enjoy these cute dogs as much as we do. From puppies to full grown dogs, there is something in this video for bulldog lovers all over.

Bulldog refuses to complete walk for hilarious reason
  • 15.01.2023
  • 1305

Whenever he walks past his neighbor's down the street, Chubby stops and waits for the man to bring him his treat. Today the man wasn't home, so this is the result!

English Bulldog Puppy Dreaming
  • 14.01.2023
  • 8269

Look at that little baby! And look at his little paws and little tummy! Oh and he twitches! Your just a little bundle of cuteness aren't you? Have a good sleep munchkin.

Cute Bulldog Gets HER Own ICE POOL for First TIME!!
  • 13.01.2023
  • 2023

Lola is an English Bulldog. Her Birthday is October 16th, 2019. As of May she weighs in at about 58 pounds. She loves to eat....EVERYTHING! She especially likes dad's shoes and the bottom of the wooden cabinets. Lola has 3 human siblings which she loves so much and they love her! Her day consists of sleeping, eating, pooping, farting, occasional running, but mostly sleeping and lot's of slobbery bulldog kisses!

Bulldog going crazy after shower
  • 11.01.2023
  • 2170

So basicly people breeds these kind of dogs because of they want them cute. But they don't care that they can barely breath. Buy more and create a bigger demand

Fred thinks he's an Elephant!
  • 09.01.2023
  • 2421

i think fred is hilarious!i crack up every time i see this and hear him!they say each dog has his own unique personality and can and will do the darndest things!thanks for posting!!bobby whitaker.

Bulldog tries to sit in a box that's too small for him
  • 07.01.2023
  • 2120

Bo tries to squeeze into a box that is clearly too small for him. Bo "works" at Northern Youth Abroad and keeps us entertained to no end and is a nice addition to our busy office. For more info or to donate to NYA please visit.

When you leave your English bulldog home alone.
  • 06.01.2023
  • 1293

It is generally not recommended to leave an English Bulldog home alone for long periods of time, as they are a breed that is known to be prone to separation anxiety. If you do need to leave your Bulldog home alone, there are a few things you can do to help them feel more comfortable: Provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation before you leave, such as playing a game or going for a walk. Make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water and a full bowl of food. Leave them with a few toys to play with, such as a chew toy or puzzle toy. Consider hiring a pet sitter or dog walker to check in on your Bulldog while you are away. Leave the TV or radio on to provide some background noise. It is also a good idea to crate train your Bulldog so that they have a safe and secure place to stay while you are away. Just be sure to give them plenty of breaks to stretch their legs and use the bathroom.

Bulldog George AMAZES new fans at the skatepark with his incredible skateboarding skills.
  • 04.01.2023
  • 2859

Watch George the skateboarding bulldog amaze fans with his awesome skating skills! People say George is one of the smartest and definitely RADDEST PUPS ON THE PLANET. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments below...

Reuben the Bulldog Throws a Tantrum
  • 03.01.2023
  • 1307

I love the endless amount of entertainment bulldogs provide even when they are doing nothing at all. Your boy, throwing himself around like that is so cute & adorable. Thank you for sharing :)

Bulldog returns home after being stolen
  • 02.01.2023
  • 1024

It was messed up that she got stolen,but I’m glad she was taking good care of.And back to the happy/sad part.She went FOUR freaking years away from home!,that’s 28 plus doggy years away!

Roomba vs English Bulldog review ! WARNING extreme laziness.
  • 28.12.2022
  • 2873

Bosco the English Bulldog is something else. Doesn't give a damn about the Roomba. In fact he enjoys the massage.

Elvis the Bulldog Puppy reads his mom the riot act.
  • 26.12.2022
  • 8914

Elvis gives Patches a few choice words. Elvis was an "only puppy". He was born with a cleft lip and had a permanent sneer, hence the name Elvis. My wife bottle fed him until he was on solid food. He became a very strong, energetic, and physically active Bulldog. We gave him to a veterinary technician who always wanted a white bulldog, and she had helped treat him from birth. Everybody won with Elvis. We were blessed to have him, his new family was thrilled to get him. What he lacked in physical perfection, he made up for in personality. As you can see.

English Bulldog happy to see mommy back. Can't go a minute without going nuts.
  • 25.12.2022
  • 1178

It's understandable that your English Bulldog would be excited to see you after being separated for a while. Dogs are known for their strong bond with their owners and can get very excited when they see them again after being apart. It's also not uncommon for dogs to become excited and "go nuts" when they are happy or anticipating something they enjoy, such as playing with a favorite toy or going for a walk. If your English Bulldog's behavior becomes overwhelming or disruptive, it's important to teach them appropriate ways to express their excitement and to set boundaries to prevent them from getting too worked up. This can include providing appropriate outlets for their energy, such as walks and playtime, and using positive reinforcement training to teach them to calm down when necessary.

English Bulldog barking at harmless door
  • 24.12.2022
  • 866

Sorry op, but if a dog barks at a wall/a door at nothing, it usually means they can see something the human eye can't.... it can sense that something isn't right.